Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010

Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010

The city and island state of Singapore has recently won the right to host the first Summer Youth Olympic Games to be held in 2010.

In an announcement by the International Olympic Committee Chairman on 21st February 2008, Singapore was voted by the Committee as the most attractive location to host the inaugural games.

Singapore boasts a sterling track record for organizing and hosting very large events on a global level, and has strong experience and capabilities to manage the first Youth Olympic Games and ensure that it is a success.

Singapore’s bid was strengthened by the fact of:

  • Several well maintained sporting facilities
  • A world-class transport network
  • Adequate and comfortable accomodation
  • A wide variety of leisure, arts and cultural facilities and activities
  • A very safe environment for youth
  • Excellent connectivity with the rest of the world

Singapore is also a very young nation, founded only in 1965, and has always been a melting pot for the South East Asia region where a variety of cultures, languages and backgrounds live, work and play together.

However, most importantly, it was the passion and commitment of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games bid team and the strong support of Singaporeans from all walks of life that swayed the vote towards the city state.

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