Dining In Singapore

Dining in Singapore

Singapore is a gourmet’s heaven and is considered one of the food capitals of Asia. Tasty Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, and Western foods are sold from the many street stalls at reasonable prices. There are also many fast food restaurants serving quick service meals for the on-the-go citizen.

Visitors to Singapore have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of popular Singapore dishes, such as roti prata, rojak, chicken rice and laksa, as well as other varieties of cuisine that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. An excellent Singapore food resource is Makan Sutra, which has established itself as the definite food guide in Singapore.

A normal meal in a “hawker center” (food stall on the street) costs about as much as a snack in the U.S. or Europe (although it has been reported that portions are smaller). Food in the canteens at the Youth Olympic Village or neighboring National University of Singapore (NUS) costs even less; a few dollars will buy a hearty meal. The NUS canteens are subsidized for the benefit of students and faculty.

Since Muslims don’t eat pork and Indians don’t eat beef, fish and chicken are universally accepted staples. Rice is also commonly eaten with most local meals. Singaporeans today are also becoming more conscious of their health and are in general consuming less fats and carbohydrates, and eating more greens and fresh fruit. It is not difficult to find well balanced, healthy and delicious meals in Singapore that are befiting to the diets of athletes and the health conscious.

An interesting aspect of dining in Singapore is that you will also discover an extreme diverse range of unusual tropical fruits such as rambutans, mangosteens, durians, jackfruits, pomelos, starfruits, zirzats, buah dukus, chikus, dragon fruits, and guavas.

A type of cuisine local to Singapore and Malaysia is Nonya cooking, which combines Chinese ingredients with Malay influenced spices such as coconut cream and lemon grass. Singapore is also home to many restaurants, but prices vary and a good meal at a reasonably high quality restaurant can be expensive.

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