Singapore Youth Olympic Village

Singapore Youth Olympic Village

NUS University Town is expected to become the Youth Olympic Village for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010, and will act as the central hub for accomodation as well as the education and cultural programs for athletes.

The iconic, 19 hectare facility is located at Warren Hill, near the National University of Singapore Kent Ridge campus in the Western area of Singapore.

Due for completion in early 2010, NUS University Town will be seamlessly connected to Kent Ridge Campus via a vehicular and pedestrian bridge.

NUS University Town / Youth Olympic Village is also a short bus or taxi ride away from the popular leisure district Holland Village, and the suburban town center of Clementi.

Built on the site of a former golf course, the brand new NUS University Town / Youth Olympic Village will consist of four main areas:

The Residential Zone: A cluster of 4 or 6 bedroom apartment units built to house 6,000 athletes and officials.

The Village Square: An interactive learning environment for athletes to deepen their knowledge of sports and global issues.

The Operational Zone: To provide for the Olympic Village’s various administrative and support functions.

The Transport Hub: To connect the Olympic Village to all competition and non-competition venues with a comprehensive and efficient shuttle bus service.

Space and opportunities for athletes to interact and learn from one another is a central feature of the NUS University Town / Youth Olympic Village.

The facility will be used as an integrated learning and living facility for the university after the games are over.

Besides student accomodation and social & recreation facilities, NUS University Town will also host the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), the first research centre within the National Research Foundation’s Campus for Research Excellence And Technological Enterprise (CREATE) as well as the Asia Research Institute.

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