Singapore Youth On The Youth Olympic Games 2010

This video is about the perspectives and views of a cross-section of Singapore youth, from athletes to regular teenagers, on the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010.

Shot before the rights to host the games were officially awarded to Singapore, a great sense of national pride and excitement seems to be the prevailing view, with many of them seemingly enthused that the first Youth Olympic Games could be held in Singapore in 2010.

In many ways the Singaporean youth views speaks to the healthy optimism and pride in Singapore’s ability to host a vibrant and well-run sporting event. Many Singaporeans today also seem to think that the Singapore YOG 2010 could very well change the face of the Singapore sporting scene by giving young Singaporean athletes a platform to compete with their global peers in an international level sporting event, and raising the profile of sports in Singapore.

It would be an ongoing challenge for the organizers to keep the momentum of planning for the Singapore YOG 2010 going. More importantly, Singapore has a task to keep engaging the hearts, minds and spirit of both Singaporeans as well as the international sports community to participate and support the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010, from the lead-up and right to the finish.

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