National Sailing Center

National Sailing Center

The proposed venue for the Sailing competition events of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010 is the National Sailing Centre located on the South Eastern coast of Singapore, near Changi International Airport, and towards the tail end of the East Coast Park leisure and recreation strip that spans most of the South Eastern and Eastern coastline of Singapore.

Covering an area of around 2.4-hectares, the National Sailing Center was built at a cost of around US$ 5.4 million, and is dedicated solely to the promotion and excellence of sailing as a leisure and competitive sport. Its facilities include a large berthing area for boats, an administration block, a multi-purpose sports hall, a cafeteria, a dormitory and an auditorium.

The National Sailing Center is the primary training ground of Singapore’s national sailors who made their mark during the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, where Singapore gained recognition as Asia’s top sailing nation. The sailors in the 470–class have also earned a place to compete internationally in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The center has always been a choice location for regional and international sailing competitions. It is an ideal location for sailing competitions as its strategic position makes full use of the South West and North East winds for year-round sailing. The average daytime wind direction in the area is 165 degrees, and average daytime wind strength is around 10 knots (18.5 km/h).

The National Sailing Center has hosted many international and regional events. These include the World Byte Championships (2003), the World Hobie Tiger (2005), the Asean Optimist Championship (2006), the Asia Pacific Laser Championships (2006) and the Asian Optimist Championships (2007).

The center is less than 30 minutes traveling time from the Youth Olympic Village, from which it is connected directly by a highway.

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