Singapore Sports School

Singapore Sports School

The Singapore Sports School is the proposed venue for four sports during the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010: Swimming, Weightlifting, Volleyball and Modern Pentathlon.

The Singapore Sports School was founded in 2004 as Singapore’s only premier training institute that combined sports and education for promising, young athletes aspiring to a career in professional sports. Students between 13 and 17 years are admitted and the Singapore Sports School supports these students to pursue their sporting dreams while achieving a sound academic education.

Built as a greenfield project on a 7–hectare site and fully equipped with sports training, education, and residential facilities, the Singapore Sports School has been highly successful in developing Singapore’s young sporting talent. The impressive swimming complex within the Sports School has two Olympic–sized swimming pools, covered by a four-storey high shelter.

The Singapore Sports School has hosted the Asian Swimming Championships and the Singapore Open National Swimming Championships since 2006.

With 2,700 temporary seats installed, sufficient seating arrangements for a sizeable crowd will ensure an exciting swimming competition, as well as enhance the competitive swimming element of the Modern Pentathlon event during the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010.

The Auditorium and Badminton Hall of the Singapore Sports School will be used as venues for the Weightlifting and Volleyball competitions respectively, while the various components of Modern Pentathlon will make use of the swimming pool, auditorium and athletic field facilities within the school.

Although located in a relatively quiet North Western corner of Singapore, the sports school is only around 20 to 25 minutes away from the Youth Olympic Village by shuttle bus. In a way, the seclusion plays to the condusive environment for students to concentrate on their training needs and studies, and keep to the rigorous schedules of aspiring sport professionals.

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