Tampines Bike Park

Tampines Bike Park

Tampines Bike Park is located in a suburban Eastern area of Singapore, on a relatively secluded but well maintained 60–hectare offroad mountain bike trail, and is the proposed venue for both the BMX and Mountain Bike competition events of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010.

An interesting feature of hosting these 2 events together at the Tampines Bike Park will be that of the start and finishing locations of both the Mountain Bike and BMX courses. The locations will be adjacent to one another, allowing spectators the best possible view of the competitive excitement both events.

The existing Mountain Bike trail is 7km long and offers several climbs as well as a challenging downhill ride, promising athletes a challenging but rewarding competitive environment. The trail is currently being upgraded to make it even more technically challenging.

The BMX portion of the Tampines Bike Park is now being used for stunt practice by BMX enthusiasts in Singapore. It will be further developed into a full-scale BMX race track to host major international events as well as for enthusiasts in the Singapore BMX community to use.

The Tampines Bike Park hosted the regional Phat Tyre Sunday Mountain Bike Race in 2007, involving more than 260 participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.

The park is around 30 minutes traveling time from the Youth Olympic Village.

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  1. I am currently doing my Architecture thesis on the Tampines Bike Park for YOG. May I get in touch with the person who wrote this article to find out more about the plans? Thanks.

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